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Vision Aircraft Records Provides Convenience, Flexibility and Peace of Mind for Avion Capital

As a Lessor, Avion Capital was struggling with maintaining real-time access to the aircraft and engine  logbooks for their aircraft. Avion owned the planes but leased them to several other parties. By regulation, the logbooks had to remain with the operator/aircraft.

How could we help forecast future maintenance events? In addition, how could we ensure the records were maintained and safe in the event of a disastrous event like a flood or fire?

We tried maintaining a mirror image of the logbooks by hand scanning documents. But making a copy wasn’t an adequate solution.

While wandering through a trade show about six years ago, I found Vision Aircraft Software. I discovered they were developing a cloud-based process that would be compliant with FAA regulations. This was the solution we needed!

After several discussions, we contracted with Vision and  began working with their earlier software versions. This was a far better solution than making duplicates, yet there was still room for improvement. Vision was always listening to our needs and continued to develop their product.


Testimonial from Craig Ellington, Avion Capital Partners

“The software is intuitive and user friendly. And Vision continues to develop and improve the product as technology changes while maintaining compliance with FAA requirements.”


We stay with Vision Aircraft Software because they are focused on doing it the correct way while also exceeding customer expectations. “And it’s all in one, easily-accessible place!”

Instead of rummaging through pages (or boxes!) to find a record, I simply do a search for the part or maintenance event. With one search, I can find all the records relating to that issue. Research and review time are fast and easy.

With Vision Aircraft Software there are no worries about compliance with FAA regulations – nothing can be altered or deleted. Log entries are easy to retrieve. No need for duplicates of everything…it’s all in one place. And you don’t need duplicate systems so everything is more efficient and economical.

“There is a high comfort level knowing we are covered if anything happens.” The staff are attentive and quick to respond to any requests. “Using Vision Aircraft Software to digitize your aircraft records will create efficiencies, improve productivity, reduce floor space and be compliant!”