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Simplify the Aviation Sales Process

Whether you’re buying or selling your own airplane or you’re a broker managing an aircraft sale, sifting through the stacks of records to complete the sale takes a phenomenal amount of time and energy.

What if there was a better way? Converting paper records to digital aircraft records can make every step of the process more efficient: from inspections to pre-buy to the sale itself.

During an aircraft sale, there’s a potential 1000% cost savings by digitizing the aviation records.

Save time, money, and all the headaches you’ll encounter through the aviation sales process with paper aircraft records.

Learn how digitizing your aircraft records will keep your sales and acquisitions running efficiently.

What You Get with Vision

  • Legacy record scanning: Our experienced team will handle the hard part for you: we scan and digitize your existing paper records, maintenance records, and logbooks.
  • Management & Consulting: We don’t leave you high and dry; we’ll help you manage your records and give you expert recommendations along the way.
  • Subscription to view and manage your records: Our unique subscription-based platform gives you access to manage your records. Plus, you can stop your subscription at any time; you’ll get your records and we never sell your data.

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