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Digital Aviation Records

Benefits of Digitizing Your Aircraft Records

Not sure if digitized aircraft records will help your aviation business, charter, maintenance department, or brokerage? Think again.

Or, maybe you’ve decided that digital aircraft records are the way to go, but you’re not sure how to convert paper log book to electronic, or you’re considering your options to find the best partner.

50% Reduced Data Management Costs

  • Expedite research, audits, conformity and communications
  • Grants access to anyone, from any computer or smart device from any location
  • Allows the Operator or MRO to see logbooks whenever and wherever they need to see them
  • Enables the aircraft’s records to be shared by multiple users, from multiple locations simultaneously

Increase Safety & Reduce Liability

  • Establish the “one true source” of maintenance information: the hub that validates all maintenance activities
  • Mitigates risk of loss created by missing aviation records or logbook information
  • Provides accurate real time airworthiness information

Supports Aircraft Value & Increases Liquidity

  • Administer, manage, and update the aircraft’s electronic record through your web browser
  • Search the aircraft’s entire logbook of information with a single search
  • Digitally sign maintenance entries, return to service documents, and other records
  • Electronically authenticate and validate important documents

Scanning & Digitizing Aircraft Records

With the help of Vision Aircraft Records, we can answer your questions about how to scan aircraft logbooks, and/or  do the work for you –  converting your aircraft records from paper  records to digital has never been simpler.

On-Site Scanning

On-Site Scanning

With our growing network of centers and on site scanning capabilities, it has never been easier to have your paper logbooks converted to digital data. We come to you and take care of the hard part - digital scanning - so you don’t have to.

Custom Data Entry

Custom Data Entry

Our aviation specialists will work directly with you to ensure your maintenance data is arranged exactly how you want it in your new Electronic Record Keeping System.
Digital Aircraft Records Scanning Certificate



Scanning is completed on site or at one of our designated locations to preserve data security, accuracy, and compliance. At Vision, we’ve developed a FAR 43.12 specific “paper to digital” data conversion process. Digital data is immediately transferred into Vision’s AC 120-78A compliant Secured Managed Aircraft Records Technology. All scans are completed by aviation professionals and A&Ps.

Why Vision?

Vision Aircraft Records is the industry standard for aircraft legacy record scanning. With a growing nationwide scanning center network and onsite capabilities, it’s never been easier to convert your aircraft to digital maintenance logbooks.

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