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Vision Aircraft Records, (Reno, NV), the leading provider of Aviation Digital Logbooks, (ADLs) and ARC Document Solutions, (San Ramon, CA), the leading provider of on-site document scanning and management services, are pleased to announce their partnership to offer a comprehensive solution for aviation maintenance record-keeping. The partnership combines Vision Aircraft Records’ state-of-the-art software with ARC Document Solution’s expertise in digitizing paper documents.

Digitizing aircraft records

The aviation industry is currently in a transition to digitize business aviation’s maintenance record. One of the primary barriers to this transition has been the process of accessing the legacy records. Transporting or shipping these records to a scanning facility can create financial and regulatory risk since aircraft logbooks are not insured, and the chain of custody can be problematic for regulatory reasons. Vision Aircraft Record’s strategic partnership with ARC Document Solutions will offer secure, on- site scanning to streamline the conversion of paper records into digital.

“By partnering with ARC Document Solutions, we can offer our customers a complete solution for aviation record-keeping that is efficient, cost-effective, and compliant with industry regulations,” Mark Leeper, CEO of Vision Aircraft Records. “Our digital logbook platform combined with ARC’s expertise and geographic resources will provide a streamlined solution for converting and managing aviation records.”

“ARC understands the necessity of security, flawless stewardship, and technical expertise when it comes to converting paper aviation records into digital assets,” said Dilo Wijesuriya, President and COO of ARC Document Solutions. “Our capabilities were built to support innovators like Vision Aircraft Records, and our national service footprint will help them scale their solutions across the country.”

The partnership between Vision Aircraft Records and ARC Document Solutions will help more operators begin their transition to digital, while providing efficiency and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

About Vision Aircraft Records:

Vision Aircraft Records specializes in business aviation maintenance record-keeping solutions, providing aviation companies with an intuitive and user-friendly platform for managing their records. With over 20 years of experience in aircraft records management, Vision Aircraft Records has the knowledge and expertise to provide a comprehensive solution for the industry.



Mark Leeper
Vision Aircraft Records

About ARC Document Solutions:

ARC partners with top brands around the world to convert paper documents into valuable digital assets through a national network of scanning centers, secure file handling, and data hosting capabilities. ARC also provides other digital printing services to a wide variety of industries all over North America and in select markets around the world.

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David Stickney
Vice President, Communications
ARC Document Solutions

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