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Phoenix, AZ Vision Aircraft Records, a software and service company devoted to digitizing aircraft records, proudly announces its new status as the primary sponsor for The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence (known as BAR.)
Mark Leeper, CEO at Vision Aircraft Records, commented, “Improving the state of aircraft recordkeeping is in the interest of everyone in the industry – whether they are a Vision customer or not; and whether they digitize their logbooks or not. Every technician, broker, insurance agent and aircraft owner benefits from accurate and clear records.” The BAR Foundation is an an industry-specific non-profit corporation that has produced a series of courses designed specifically for aircraft maintenance personnel that emphasizes record-keeping best practices in the industry. Major Changes in the Industry Driving The Need Vision recently announced that two major Part 135 operators received FAA approval in June 2023 to abandon traditional paper records in favor of a completely digital record-keeping system. This system, dubbed the SMART Logbook System (Secured Managed Aircraft Records Technology), is provided and fully supported by Vision Aircraft Records. Vision Aircraft Records is prepared to provide any Part 135 operator or certificate holder with the necessary language to seek similar approvals from the FAA. Moreover, Vision has the capability to onboard any operator within the United States in one business day. “We’re delighted to have the support of Vision Aircraft Records to improve the state of recordkeeping in the industry,” said Larry Hinebaugh, Founder of BAR.  “We know that our courses will raise the status, professionalism and compensation in the industry as owners, operators, DOMs and other come to rely on and appreciate the benefits of great aircraft recordkeeping. BAR’s online courses cover a wide range of topics, including the importance of aircraft records, maintenance records and documentation, logbook entries, certificates of airworthiness, data approval, and much more. The courses draw on information from the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Handbook, the Airman Certification Standards, and the real-world experience of BAR’s team of maintenance professionals with over 200 years of combined experience in business aircraft maintenance and operations. About Vision: The company specializes in delivering intuitive platforms for aviation businesses, aiding in the management of their vital records. For further details about Vision Aircraft Records or to inquire about the software or service, visit: About BAR: The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence (BAR) is a prominent industry-specific non-profit organization. The recent unveiling of a series of online educational courses tailored for aircraft maintenance personnel showcases BAR’s commitment to elevating standards in the aviation sector. These comprehensive courses tackle critical topics in aircraft record-keeping, drawing from esteemed resources like the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Handbook and the collective experience of BAR’s seasoned maintenance professionals. For more on the Foundation for Business Aircraft Excellence and its courses, visit: Contact:Mark Leeper CEO Vision Aircraft Records 480-770-6230.

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