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Why choose Vision’s SMART electronic recordkeeping system for your aircraft or fleet?

Here are five reasons:

1) Fully Compliant

The Vision SMART Electronic Recordkeeping System is a fully compliant Advisory Circular AC120-78A compatible system. The system meets the security and performance criteria recommended by the FAA for an Aircraft Electronic Logbook.


  • The FAA has demonstrated in multiple court cases involving aircraft records that it will not accept a copy of a logbook entry unless a licensed Airframe and Powerplant Technician (A&P) certifies that the copy is EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL. The FAA takes this position because it does not know if the copy has been altered; a violation of Title 14 Part 43.12.
  • Scanning the original record (when scanned by a licensed A&P or other Certified Authority) and placing it into our AC120-78A compliant security system assures anyone (like the FAA or an A&P required to Certify the Information in the future) that it has been protected and secure from the beginning … and importantly, that the copy can be compared to the original document which remains in our system.
  • Using a common scanning company that is not “certified” to reproduce these type of records (which is very common) does not comply with the Advisory Circular, even if the information is then placed into a secure system.

2) Safe

Keeping an electronic copy is the best way to guarantee that logbook entries will never get lost.


    • Pages (or even entire logbooks) missing from an aircraft’s record is a very common ailment in the aviation world. Millions of dollars have been wasted over the years due to the fact that paper records are fragile and easily lost or destroyed.

    • Note: Logbooks, an Aircraft Owners Nightmare is a short publication by The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence detailing just a few of the mishaps that have occurred with paper records.

3) Fully Operational

Using Vision’s SMART system provides the aircraft operator with a fully operational

electronic recordkeeping system from the start. This is important because the aviation industry is quickly transitioning to electronic records due to their superior attributes compared to the paper records the industry has been using for over one-hundred years.

4) Full Authority

Vision’s system gives the operator full authority to view, search, print, add, move, void,

and replace documents in the electronic logbook, the same as paper records but with the

speed and accuracy of a computer.

5) Cloud Based

Vision’s SMART system is Cloud based; allowing access to anyone, anywhere, and authorized by the operator. This allows anyone to view, search, or print from the aircraft record without the need to transport or place the aircraft records in jeopardy.